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  • Printer Epson Stylus S22
    Printer Epson Stylus S22
    for 156.00 EUR 144.00 EUR
    The Epson Stylus S20 is perfect for all your home printing, from text to A4 lab-quality borderless photos. It?s cost effective too, because with individual ink cartridges you only replace the colour you use.

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  • Printer Epson Stylus B42WD
    Printer Epson Stylus B42WD
    for 213.00 EUR 197.00 EUR
    High-speed duplex printer with networking capabilities for small businesses. Automatic double-sided printing with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity functions for micro-businesses. Epson Stulus B42WD is an efficient business printer A4 print format.

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  • Printer Epson Stylus Photo P50
    Printer Epson Stylus Photo P50
    for 350.00 EUR 299.00 EUR
    Get creative and produce better-than-lab-quality photos at home. Team it up with your digital camera for superb borderless prints up to A4 size.

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  • Printer Epson Stylus Photo 1500W
    Printer Epson Stylus Photo 1500W
    for 426.83 EUR
    For photo enthusiasts looking to move into A3+ printing, the Epson Stylus Photo 1500W offers an unbeatable combination of convenience and superior specifications for high-quality, glossy photo output. It will also appeal to small/home office users wanti

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  • Printer Epson Stylus Photo R2000
    Printer Epson Stylus Photo R2000
    for 824.00 EUR
    Get creative and produce better-than-lab-quality photos at home. Team it up with your digital camera for superb borderless prints up to A3 size.

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  • Printer Epson Stylus Photo R3000
    Printer Epson Stylus Photo R3000
    for 992.00 EUR
    Get creative and produce better-than-lab-quality photos at home. Team it up with your digital camera for superb borderless prints up to A3 size.

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  • Printer Epson Stylus Photo R2880
    Printer Epson Stylus Photo R2880
    for 784.00 EUR
    The Epson Stylus Photo R2880 is the perfect introduction into larger format printing. Produce superb, long-lasting results with the latest Epson print head and ink technology, whilst enjoying the widest media flexibility available on an A3+ photo printer

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  • Printer Epson Stylus Photo R800
    Printer Epson Stylus Photo R800
    for 474.00 EUR
    The world of photography is changing. Now there`s a printer that offers photographers a level of quality and flexibility that`s more than a match for the lab or darkroom. The Epson Stylus Photo R800 is a desktop photo printing solution that produces supre

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  • Printer Epson WorkForce WF-7015
    Printer Epson WorkForce WF-7015
    for 274.00 EUR
    The WorkForce WF-7015 is Epson’s first networked A3+ printer designed with the needs of both small businesses and home office users in mind. It helps make the most of limited resources so the user can present their business in the best possible light. I

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  • Printer Epson Stylus B1100
    Printer Epson Stylus B1100
    for 276.00 EUR 229.00 EUR
    With this A3+ printer your office has the flexibility to print large, vibrant graphics and documents at fast speeds of up to 30 ppm in black and 17 ppm in colour

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Colour ink-jet printers

Are you looking for a device for printing text documents and photos? Then you should pay attention to a photo printer CISS. It will help you to print up to 15 times more and 30 times cheaper!

In this section of our site you can find ink-jet printers with CISS - mobile (portable) and wide-format, speedy and wireless, for amateurs and professionals. A photo printer with a continuous ink supply system instead of original cartridges provides a huge economy of your money.

With one original cartridge you can print only 100-150 photos, and after that you will just have to throw it away, because it has run out of ink. A photo printer with CISS will produce up to 2500 photos after the only refilling. It is fifteen times more! But how is such enormous economy achieved? We also offer ciss ink for epson.

Everything is very simple. While an original cartridge has only 8 ml. capacity, a CISS system contains 120 ml. Besides, a continuous ink supply system supports the possibility of refilling. It means that you pay for an ink-jet printer with CISS only once, when buying, and after that you pay only for ink. No any overpays for containers, chips and brands. That is why it is so profitable to buy ink-jet printers with CISS.

Speaking of concrete figures, we may note that a photo printer with original cartridges will print one standard photo of 10X15 centimeters format for 0.4 dollars (the cost price of one printing), while using CISS you will pay for the same photo only 0.012 dollars – 33 times less. It is not bad, is it? Also check out canon printer with ciss.

Buy a printer with CISS and forget about problems, concerning printing of photos and text documents forever! Some skeptics consider such surprisingly large economy to be suspicious. They are afraid that buying Epson printers CISS, they are risking with the safety of the printing devices. But it is not so. Vice verse – buying a printer with CISS you are prolonging its life. The matter is, that while changing an original cartridge, you have to open a lid of a photo printer, and air is let onto a printing head. This, in its turn, will lead to its untimely drying up. Ink-jet printers with CISS don't require opening of the printing device while refilling, due to that printing head doesn't contact with air. So, if you buy a printer with CISS, it will work longer, than an identical device with original cartridges. Do not miss the offer all in one printer scanner copier.

In our online store you can find a great assortment of printers for photos and text documents. On the site one may order mobile printers, which will take very little space on your desktop. Eight-colour speedy photo printer will let organize a real photo laboratory right at home. Buying of an ink-jet EPSON Stylus Office T40W printer with CISS means getting an opportunity of printing wirelessly, via Wi-Fi, without the need of computer. New printers with CISS, for example, such models as EPSON Stylus S22 or EPSON Stylus Photo P50 have really boundless abilities and let you get perfect photos for a minimal price. We also have graphics plotter.

Sale of printers CISS is a key line of activity of INKSTREAM company. Being one of the leaders on the market of printing consumables, and regularly reviewing printers, for example, Canon printers, INKSTREAM offers its clients the products of the highest quality and of course new models and high technologies. Now you can buy a printer in the online store and get high-qualitative printers for photos and documents for a reasonable price and in a short time.

Ink-jet printers with CISS – qualitative printing for a minimal price.

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  • Epson Stylus Office B42WD: Off the Boat and Into the Party
    Epson Stylus Office B42WD has not been announced officially yet, but it has already fallen into our hands. Well, when Epson is, at last ready to announce its new flagship of office printing, we (and you) will be aware of what this novelty corresponds.

  • Is it true that Epson is better than other manufacturers?
    There are two main printing technologies on inkjet printers market: piezoelectric and thermo inkjet. Differences between those two systems are in the way they derive ink drop on paper.

  • INKSYSTEM Company made a revolution in printing world
    No-chip CISS from INKSYSTEM proved that impossible is possible! Not so long ago we had to "lie" to our printing device by resetting chips to make printer "believe" that we gave it absolutely new cartridge. Resetting took a lot of time and ink. And it was not that easy because cartridge and chips defects are possible.

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Thank you for really qualitative production!

01/12/2011, 11:38

I'm printing a lot and CISS is really great solution for me! Thank u, guys!

01/12/2011, 11:23

I got my printer with CISS very fast. And thanks for installation)

01/12/2011, 11:13

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